"To rule is easy, to govern difficult."

- Johann W. von Goethe

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Expertee Operation Monitor

In un'unica view potrai tenere sotto controllo i tuoi processi di integrazione dati.

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Anagraphic Discovery
Process Discovery
Usage Discovery



Through the Operation Monitor action can be taken on the previously defined alarms.



The Analysis feature of the Operation Monitor allows the user to define, in a parametric way, all the KPIs that must be respected and ensure effective performance.
In particular it is possible to analyze:

Correlation of information



Through the Operation Monitor can be set up configurable and customizable alarms, on the real needs of the customer.


Welcome to BDGovernance

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BigData Governance has developed  the Expertee Suite for the end-to-end governance of data integration processes and business intelligence.

Expertee Suite is the only multi- technology platform in the world able to provide a single point of view on the whole technological chain involved in an application.

IT infrastructures are nowadays impacted by several factors:

  • Data Proliferation (Big Data…..Velocity, Value, Variety, Volume)
  • Growing need for data analysis, reporting, dashboards, out of growing volumes of data out of infrastructure frequently not adapted to new IT loads
  • Proliferation of technologies for Business Intelligence and Data Integration
  • Custom approach
  • Applications developed by different suppliers over time (poor documentation, stratification of the Code, etc.)
  • Each technology thinks only about its perimeter, it lacks a global vision of the application
  • Problems cause inefficiencies to the business of the organization, IT is becoming less central and must respond in ever shorter time

Production environments suffer daily because of all these factors, with obvious consequences on productivity and on the proper functioning of the applications.


BREAKING NEWS: BigData Governance one of the four finalists startup of the IBM SmartCamp in Milan (3 July), read the news on IBM site.